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I don't normally do an expo write-up so quickly, but I had such an amazing day that I just want to tell everyone about it lmao =P I had to wake up at 5.45am after about three hours sleep, so I was quite aptly walking around like a zombie until we made it to our Manchester train. I synced trains with Pete-Mitchell as I hadn't been to Manchester by train before (ever D8) and the plan was that he'd give me directions to the Gmex. He did, and yet I still got horrifically lost in the middle of town =P Relion made me cry because she originally told me that she was doing her Daenerys cosplay again, yet she turned up as Claire Redfield instead. EVERYONE was in on it except for me and I instantly perked up the moment that happened lmfao. I figure this is because I surprised her with the Eva shoot so she's finally got me back for it haha XD

We got to Manchester Expo and joined the mega queue, which actually died down pretty quickly as by the time we got there, they were letting people in. We kitted up (as I planned to get changed there) and my bag got significantly lighter the moment I emptied out all my airsoft gear haha XD Much love to Pete-Mitchell for lending me his radio as I didn't have time to source one in the end! I spent pretty much my entire day with him and Relion and it turned into one of those days where we couldn't walk very far without being asked for more photos. I love you guys for making this day incredible XD I had a mission planned with Pete from day one, that we were going to track down PS1 guy and I was finally going to get a copy of Dino Crisis. I now own both of them and I'm so happy XD (as was he, given his Regina obsession... =P)

We also met up with REUK for a shoot, turned out no time had been organised so we just rallied together a bunch of Resi cosplayers and had a shoot there and then. It was pretty fun, Hollie constantly amused everyone with her awesome zombie cosplay and Relion earned the title of 'Little Redfield' by the organiser lmao. Wesker unfortunately showed up at the very end of the shoot so we missed out on photos with him (but Pete managed to sneak a couple of photos in just before we jetted off :))

Attempted to have our private shoot with MadameLapin in the car park then, but randomly another bunch of cosplayers tagged along and it kinda felt like they were expecting photos from her. It wasn't fair on her at all as I'd only told her there'd be a couple of us, so we did a tactical manoeuvre and rearranged the shoot after a lunch break. We attempted Subway and the queue was massive, so we settled for a drink in Starbucks. The shoot was so awesome, thank you to everyone for the amount of time you all spent with me doing some awesome photos. Resi shoots are always my favourite part of expos and this one was no exception. Thank you to DillyShilly for being reflector lady and being so lovely assisting with the shoot and Hollie for being our token zombie! You guys are amazing :)

By the time Pete had left (not before we both forgot that I still had his radio and had to rush it back out to him =P), both me and Rhi were struggling to walk so after a quick shop we spent the rest of our time sitting down. The walk back to the station was agony and now I'm sporting a lovely blister in between my toes :| I bought Burger King at the station, which happened to be the first thing I'd eaten all day aside from a pack of crisps. Then we had so much train drama, our train was delayed over and over, so much that the next train home arrived minutes later. Luckily we managed to get a seat so we got home in the end, but it was the longest mission of my life, especially with how much I was aching everywhere. I couldn't sleep last night because I was on such a high from the day and now I am paying for it XD

Got an eight hour shift ahead of me today and it's gonna be killer. All in all, I pretty much had a perfect day with little to no drama whatsoever. Managed to avoid the creepers and generally had a really awesome day. Thank you to everyone, I am now going to do this horrific shift and hopefully sleep my way to the weekend XD
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